Ice Milo – Ideal Gift Ice Roller for Face & Eye, Tighten Pores, Contour Face, Prevent Puffiness, Relieve Fatigue and Minor Injury, Pure Pink

Ice Milo
  • Beauty


Be sure to your taste! This distinctive ice mold for face is derived from revolutionary design, superb material, qualified production base etc., It’s certainly the fanciest ice holder created in 2022. What makes Ice Milo outstanding? ①Made with [A+++] pacifier-grade silicon (Quality Assured). ② That can be applied safely and directly on any sensitive skins. ③ Patented design and all rights reserved to against from copying. 【Artisan Crafted】① Built-in ‘Hollow Heart’ to firmly lock the ice chunk so it won’t slide off after melt a bit. ② Plus a thoughtfully-enlarged water slot to collect much more melted water. ③ We devote all the best to build Ice Milo, adding a touch of elegance & Luxury. ?Try something so special. 【Designer artwork without designer markup】? We love and stand by Ice Milo. ? Our ultramodern R & D team is pioneering and innovative! With extraordinary design, production, and services capabilities, will never let you down! 【Girl’s Ideal Gift】Uniquely designed Ice Milo is the world’s best kept beauty secret, and is the answer to physically tighten pores, rejuvenate skin, contour face, reduce inflammations and de-puffing eye-bags. ---- ? You Know How to Make A Girl Feel Loved!